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Sample Work- Qualitative Questionnaire

I have prepared a sample qualitative questionnaire which will help you understand as to how I go about in the approach of preparing a useful and meaningful questionnaire which will keep your respondents engaged while answering all the questions they are supposed to. My focus stays on the relevance of the questions and the extent to which their answers can go. According to the area of specialization you have chosen for your research I work on the aspects of preparing a qualitative questionnaire. Here I would like to present to you a sample qualitative questionnaire of CSR practices adopted by BPO’s in India. I have started with the basic details of respondents i.e. their personal profile. I have further continued with open ended questions related to the vast topic in a precise manner, you can have a look.

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Sample Work- Review

I have prepared a sample review paper which will help you understand as to how I go about in the process of preparing a value based review paper adhering to the specified format and style of writing. The topic in this sample paper I have taken is Position of Women in Kautilya’s Arthashastra. For better understanding I have written the review paper in a language which has a manageable level of readability, with proper punctuation and error free grammar, you can totally rely on the sample review paper. The format begins with an abstract which gives a basic idea as to how the review paper will go like continued by the introduction, research objectives, review of literature, discussion & conclusion and references used. Referring this sample review paper will give you an idea as to what good review papers are.

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